Invader Razor Is a character for Invader Zim. His favorite thing to do is destroying and killing things. Mainly destroying things. His favorite thing to blow up is Irk and Dib's house. Becuase of his acts, he has gotten banished thousands of times, but some how, keeps coming back.

Sir UnitEdit

His SIR Unit is called Valco. Becuase of all of the voilence of Invader Razor, Valco is usually covered in blood. Valco's main weapon is a chainsaw in his head. Like Invader Razor, he likes voilence, especially blowing things up.


Everone on Irk describes Invader Razor to be a clone of Zim, becuase of all the destruction and appearence. He has a few claws that come out of his Pak like everyone else on Irk, though they look very different. His height is almost as tall as Irken Invader Maria, the next suspected Tallest.