Note that this script is unfinished.

Setting: Rainbow’s plain house with Rainbow on her plain computer (not laptop)

Rainbow: Waits impatiently for someone to get on the chat room

Sonic: Gets on chat

Rainbow: Totally starts freaking out with joy

Setting: chat room

Sonic: Typing Hey

Rainbow: Typing HI!!!!!

Sonic: Typing What’s up?

Rainbow: Typing Want to play a video game?

Sonic: Typing Sure J

Rainbow: Opens tab, gets on video game, copies the link, and pastes it on the chat room

Sonic: Clicks link

Rainbow: Clicks other tab, and onto the video game

Setting: Violent Video game start screen, with chat bar at the side, where Rainbow and Sonic are chatting

Rainbow: Typing Ready to taste my dust?!

Sonic: Typing I don’t think so Presses start and takes him to a waiting for others screen

Rainbow: Also presses start, and goes to the same screen, but then the screen starts counting down to 1 from 3

Setting: The violent video game screen, with start plastered on the screen

Video game starts, and a sprite of Rainbow and Sonic appear, about to fight

Rainbow: Jumps, and does a back flip up to Sonic, then slaps him over and over again

Sonic: Grabs Rainbow’s hand and flips her over

Rainbow: Gets up

Quick thing says 10 seconds later

Setting: Says in big letters And the winner is, LITTLE RAINBOWS

Shows picture of Rainbow cheering

Setting: Sonic’s room

Sonic: Staring in awe WHAT THE CRAP I WAS WON BY A GIRL?!?!?!?!?!

Setting: Back in the chat room

Sonic: Typing O__________________O

Rainbow: Typing he he J

Next Day

Setting: Sonic’s living room, with Sonic and Rainbow sitting in front of the TV playing on the PS3 on a violent video game

Sonic: pounding on the remote control trying to win

Rainbow: Breezing through this, skillfully


Rainbow: You know, that’s me you’re talking about.


Rainbow: Maybe I do.

Sonic: Pauses game how’d you get so good anyhow? You’re only ten

Rainbow: Skill, something you don’t have. Sticks tongue out at Sonic

Sonic: Plays the game what I don’t understand is why I even play with you.

Rainbow: Maybe you have a crush on me

Sonic: Stops the game Why the crap would I have a crush on you?! You’re only ten!!

Rainbow: And how old are you?

Sonic: Groans and plays the game

Ten seconds later

Television: Rainbow the Hedgehog has won!

Sonic: O_______________O what the crud?

Rainbow: Defeated by a ten year old girl again, sonic J

Sonic: >_> Thinking How do I lose to a girl?